The Best Laid Plans…

I Was off to Montana as of my last post. I had reservations at a park in Anaconda, MT (Hunter’s RV Park), and was on my way when driving through Salt Lake City I received a call from my reserved park telling me that the “boss” of the park had sold it out for the next several months to a baseball team and that my reservation was now canceled. The manager was sorry and was given the job to cancel all reservations due to the boss not

Tell him about the baseball team. Since I was two days out from arrival and had no backup plan, I stopped in a motel and began a new search.

I found a new park in Idaho Falls, ID which more than fit the bill for a stay. I am at the Snake River RV Park (they give you a little stuffed snake on check-in…too cute!) for one month while I plan my next turns in the road. This is a wonderful park with some of the nicest people anywhere!

I love my site next to the Snake River where I can watch the flowing water as I sit in my trailer. There is a timeless attraction to water whether it is an ocean, river, or stream. Besides being an essence of life, it resonates on a deeper spiritual level to calm our monkey minds and soothe our souls. In just two days next to the river, I feel a deeper sense of peace.

This experience has been a gentle and valuable reminder about the plans we make as we travel through life be it in a teardrop trailer or a fixed dwelling. Plans are always fluid and can change in a moment. How we handle the changes will define us

One can become angry and the anger will block an opportunity for embracing something not yet discovered. Or one can feel momentary disappointment over an anticipated plan and move on and allow the universe to surprise us with amazing things.

I will still migrate north to Montana next month, meanwhile, I plan to discover some of the sites near where I am including Yellowstone National Park and other fun places such as the Idaho Potato Museum. Anyplace with a potato museum has to be great!

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