Summer 2021: National Monument Devils Tower

I am with my daughter and her children visited the National Monument Devils Tower. While I can’t stand the name (the native Indians have been trying to get it changed), it is a neat geological oddity worth seeing. We initially were only going to head to Newcastle, Wyoming – if only just to see a portion of the Black Hills we hadn’t yet explored. While taking pictures of the landscape on a deserted road, I decided to check how far Devils Tower was from where we were. Since it was only 75 miles, we decided why not & off we went.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how much I love the sky out here. Wyoming has the most incredible storms and I love the wide-open spaces. We drove through beautiful country and finally came upon Devil’s Tower.

You might know it from a little film called Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You might also know it because of the controversy between American Indians who consider it a spiritual place, and hikers that want to climb the impressive tower. I found it impressive that it is one of the locations that artist Junkyu Muto created the Sacred Circle of Smoke sculpture as part of his Peace project. The other two sculptures are at the Vatican, and Buddha Gaya.

We camped at the base of the tower and spent about two hours hiking around it. Several people were climbing it that day. The kids were also able to get another National Park Jr. Ranger badge.

This trip has been really neat how it has opened the eyes of the kids. Hanna has found an interest in photograph, paleontology and is fascinated with rock formations. Becca has decided she wants to visit every National Park/monument so she can learn about the parks and get a Jr. Ranger badge. We overheard a conversation of a ranger on the phone at Wind Cave. Apparently, a little girl got bug spray on her Wind Cave Jr. Ranger badge and it smudged the writing. This little girl wanted a replacement badge sent to her because she has 600 badges.

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