Summer 2021: Badlands National Park

My youngest daughter are still gone to New York (8 days total). They return to me this Saturday. I drove 60 miles over to the Badlands to camp. I will remain here until the others get back, then we will tour this area. The scenery is magnificent and it will be nice to have a few days with nothing to do.

This particular campground is in the Badlands National Park. I got to climb on some of the formations yesterday. I had climb up to this notch in the rocks for a picture. When I got up there I had this scared look on her face. It turned out that on the other side of the notch I had descended into a valley of badlands.

There are a lot of tent campers here in the park too. The wind blows here a lot, it is really hot and last night it poured rain. Today most of the tenters packed up and left. I love having a camper. The pitter patter of rain on the roof makes me sleep like a baby.

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