Spring 2021: Tour around Massachusetts

I traveled down through some beautiful farmland and had views of the mountains most of the way down. I went to Old Sturbridge Village and spent the afternoon walking around and seeing all there is to see there. And there is a lot! The puppies were so good, they stayed in our carriers the whole time. The people that work there dress as they did back then, and the girls were on their hands and knees in the gardens in their dresses getting muddy . . . yuk! It was a nice day, the weather was nice and it was just really enjoyable for me.

I stopped at a dinosaur “museum” where the rock has been cut away for many years to find dinosaur tracks. Chunks of rock are sold… at a price…. in the small shop, but it was fascinating to see the tracks as they were found in the ground.

Here are just a few pictures I took…. click the pictures to see a larger view …

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