RV I want to live in

It took me several years of research to finally settle on the Casita Freedom Deluxe. The reasons are many and include the following. It is in my price range, it is self-contained with all the options that I am interested in. It is built well, simple to understand, and easy to tow. It is light for better gas mileage when towing.

Once I decided on a fiberglass egg it took me months to decide on a manufacturer and the best floor plan for my needs. I am 5’4″ and 130lbs, therefore the double bed is fine for me and my furry family which includes two dogs (Yorkshire Terriers). One of my York’s is 15 years old so I am not sure if she will be joining us considering I am still a few years away from being able to hit the road. Of course, I am hoping she will be. There will certainly be plenty of room for her little 5lb self. I have a small dog pen for when I am sitting outside reading or watching the sunset. Of course, I would never leave any of my furbabies unattended but want to ensure a great experience for all. They will all have leashes and harnesses for exercise and exploring as well.

The main reason I have chosen the Casita Freedom model is for the floor plan. I feel it has the most functional floor plan for our needs. I will either order it without the captain chairs and table or remove them if I purchase used. This will provide space for my dog’s condo and their litter box and food and water dishes. I have a lap desk that I use with my computer which can also be used as a table in case I need to eat inside the rig on a rainy day, etc. Otherwise, I plan to eat my meals outside either on the picnic table provided at a campsite or a small portable table I plan to bring along for when boondocking.

I will write a detailed post as to how and why after extensive research I eliminated all other types of rigs (Class A, Class B, Class C, and standard travel trailers) and finally settled on a fiberglass egg. When I do I will link to it from here.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

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