Summer 2020: Pennsylvania Rt. 6 and on up into New York State

Pennsylvania Rt 6 and into New York State, Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park

I took our time and drove across the old RT. 6 at the top of Pennsylvania and then into New York state.

The first place I stopped was at Bushkill Falls. What an enjoyable afternoon! Lots of steps up and down to see the falls, but the little hike was nice through the trees and scenery. Our pups were allowed, which made it nice, and being so small I did a lot of carrying up and down the steps but they were great. I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. I made a few other stops along the way and did a really quick trip to Niagara Falls. Too crowded for me, I like the more quiet places… I then went to Letchworth State Park and boy it is beautiful. Really nice clean park in upper Western NY state.

I am letting these pictures remain a bit large so you can see them, so please be patient if they are a bit slow to load 🙂

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