Where have we been?

Are we still traveling? Yes!! We have been super busy traveling and most places didn’t have wifi. Then things start to snowball and before you know it I have 1500 pictures to sort through and a really slow wifi connection and blogging just doesn’t sound fun anymore. But over the next few days, I will… Continue reading Where have we been?

Autumn 2021: Hiawatha Trail – Biking from Montana to Idaho

I was sitting at Walmart with our bikes mounted on the truck when this complete stranger came up and started talking to me about biking. He was an older gentleman and had just started riding and he told me about this Hiawatha Bike Trail. As it turns out this trail goes from Montana over into… Continue reading Autumn 2021: Hiawatha Trail – Biking from Montana to Idaho

Got skewers?

Oh, these take up so little room and are a must-have! Not just for hot dogs! When you go past a farm stand, pick up the green and or red pepper, a couple of mushrooms, a couple of Patty pan squash, cherry tomatoes, an onion, lettuce, cucumber, and an apple. At the grocery store, get… Continue reading Got skewers?

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