Meet my traveling buddies, Harley and Flossie

I have two Yorkshire Terriers, Harley, and Flossie. They go everywhere with me, well almost everywhere. Wherever they are welcomed, that is. It has been quite an experience to figure out how to do this with two little dogs.
Harley with squeaky toyFirst, meet Harley! He thinks he is a 200 lb. dog. Well, I am not sure he even knows he is a dog, but he thinks he is quite the big tough guy anyway. He loves all other dogs and cats and thinks they should love him too. Quite a vocal character and I do have a hard time keeping him quiet. Thankfully, he is quiet when I pick him up, so when strangers approach I usually just pick him up. He is so overly friendly and outgoing, but just soooo vocal LOL.

Here he is with a squeaky toy in his mouth. One way to keep him quiet!
I keep their choke free harnesses on them all day while traveling, just in case anyone gets loose. Of course, they are micro-chipped, but you never know.
And here is Flossie, in her favorite t-shirt, the little princess. She is not the barker Harley is, she is a sweet but shy little princess. Her hair bow is constantly lopsided since the two of them play so much. and, she likes wearing her t-shirts.

So, what to take with them…. food and bowls of course, and I took their bed with us as well, not knowing for sure what would work best. After the first trip, I knew right away that wasn’t needed. They slept with me in bed.
I take a few outside toys with me, Harley loves to chase his ball, Flossie likes her little pink piggy squeak toy and being in one of our laps. Harley is a lap dog too, but only when he is all tired out. He is so full of energy!
And where do they sleep while I drive? Yes, right between me on the floor in the front. They sometimes take turns sitting in the lap, but mostly they just nap on the floor waiting for the next adventure when we stop.

So yes, they travel well with me and seem to love it. All I have to say is “Road trip” and they are jumping around and yipping and squealing with excitement. I took our first trip with them only out for one night, up to Lake Willoughby, in Vermont. That went so well they go with me every time. I will be listing most all the trips we make on this website and include many pictures because this is one great way my kids and grandkids can keep up with where we are and what we are doing!

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