How to refresh your home in 2022

2022 is a bit of a special year when it comes to home improvement, mainly because of all of the amazing advancements that have been discovered in 2021. The home of 2022 must most certainly be eco-efficient if you want it to stay current, and that is good news for everyone.

Not only does the environment benefit, but so does your health and personal finance too! If you are going to undergo an update then green and eco-friendly is the name of the game. Today we are going to go through our top 3 refreshing ideas for a home worthy of the 2022 date stamp!


Appliances are starting to look very good this year, and they come fully eco compliant and intelligent. Whether you want an eco-friendly robotic mower to mow for you, a silent washing machine, or a moisture-free tumble dryer then you will most certainly find it this year.

If there is any area of your home that makes a great deal of noise, releases too much moisture or heat into the air, collects dust, or uses too much energy, then switching to the most modern versions of these appliances will tick all interior boxes.

They will be a good look, customizable, efficient, easy on the bills, and most importantly beautiful and updated. One step further if you have the budget is total home automation which is decreasing in cost by the day!

Bare Naked looks

Another great fad that is coming into fashion in 2022 is “naked” interiors and by that, we don’t mean hard brick walls with no furniture, but we mean a back to nature, natural look, and feel. The great thing about these new styles is that they are very easy to implement into a home. Wood floors are back, only better with modern eco adaptations and a new range of color options.

Flowers are being invited back into the home again, as are neutral tones, colors, and layouts that have a modern “empty” feeling, focusing on optimal use of space. No longer do homeowners have to struggle to fill every nook and cranny of their home with an item: in 2022 you can wear your eco badge proudly on your sleeve with natural products, stone, recycled woods, and a whole host of interior design options to suit every pocket and keep your home bright, fresh, oxygenated and clutter-free.

Budget friendliness

Yes, three and five years ago, it was all about how expensive things were, but in 2022 it is the well-designed and on-budget home that wins the cool factor. The recession has brought with it certain social collateral for those that can spot bargains and reduce costs and so all picking up second-hand frames, paintings, and flea markets and shopping on eBay is all the rage again: take advantage!

The greatest benefit, of course, means that whilst you are saving on one aspect of your interior design, you have more budget to have really beautiful items on other aspects without shame or embarrassment. Hurrah!

Paul loves to renovate his home and makes full use of tool hire when he does. He writes at Gordon’s Tools Blog to share his ideas online.

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