Got skewers?

Oh, these take up so little room and are a must-have! Not just for hot dogs! When you go past a farm stand, pick up the green and or red pepper, a couple of mushrooms, a couple of Patty pan squash, cherry tomatoes, an onion, lettuce, cucumber, and an apple. At the grocery store, get some shrimp, or chicken breast, or a small beef steak. Oh, and your favorite BBQ sauce and salad dressing. You probably already have those in the fridge.

Cut the veggies into pieces to fit on a skewer. And even more, easy, use one of those wire baskets with a long handle so the veggies and meats are held inside and can’t fall out! Cut the beef or chicken into cubes that are no more than an inch thick, or clean the shrimp. Now, bring a small pot of water to a boil, and drop the veggies except for the cucumber and lettuce, into the water and boil for only a minute or so. Onto the skewers, place pieces of the veggies, chicken, beef or shrimp, and apple chunks. Brush with BBQ a sauce or a little oil. If you use oil, you can sprinkle some of your favorite seasonings and salt and pepper if desired.

Make a salad with the lettuce, cucumber, and remaining veggies and toss with dressing. Over your campfire, hold the skewers until the meat looks cooked and veggies look scrumptious. Take note, this meal uses one sharp knife, two forks, two plates. How easy to clean up! And what a cool meal for camping! It is really easy and gets better with practice in knowing the exact sizes of meat and veggies that work best for the way you like them cooked. Generally, with the usual two people to cook for, there is enough food to do this a second night. Oh, how easy 🙂

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