Discovering full-timing – what a blessing

I discovered full-timing accidentally. I began researching alternative housing several years back when I was trying to figure out how I could live more simply and on less money. Initially, I thought I would go the Tiny House route and purchased one that was 140 square feet back in October 2012 after months and months of research and looking for the perfect tiny house. I rented a space in a person’s backyard and the tiny house was delivered from Michigan. I began moving my things into it as a trial. However, it became clear after only 6 months that my plan may not materialize when I noticed some neighbors paying close attention to what I was doing each time I would visit the tiny house. Long Island, NY, where I live, has very strict zoning laws regarding RV’s and accessory dwellings.

Tiny houses are built on trailers and the one I had was equipped with all RV equipment. Long Islanders as a rule are not keen on people living in their RV’s or any sort of accessory dwelling and do not hesitate to report these situations immediately. Of course, I hoped that the neighbors of the lovely couple where I rented the yard space would be the exception but unfortunately that was not the case and within a year they threatened to report the tiny house if they saw that someone was living in it. So I moved all my things out and listed my beloved tiny house for sale.

Fortunately, it sold within a month but I was back to the drawing board. I could have moved the tiny house to another area of New York or to another state where zoning laws are more relaxed and neighbors less inclined to care but after having it for a year I realized that although I loved it, it just wasn’t mobile enough to suit my needs. It was a great experiment and I learned a lot. I do not regret it. I spent a lot of time in it during that year which made it clear to me that I could easily live in such a small space. That small space was desirable. It was cozy, easy to keep clean, and very close to nature. I loved it and I can’t wait until I can live in a fiberglass egg. I will explain how I decided on this type of travel trailer in another post. It took me years to decide between a class b, class c, or travel trailer and then more time to decide what type of travel trailer. There are so many. It was a difficult decision and I am happy to have finally decided. The manufacturer I will choose is something I am still researching as is whether I will purchase new or used.

The bottom line is I am thrilled to have discovered an alternative, more simple way to live. I wish I had discovered it 30 years ago at 19 years old instead of wasting so much time, money, and energy trying to live the so-called “American Dream” with the prison sentence of the 9-5 job along with the daily 3-hour roundtrip commute, the 30-year mortgage ball and chain, the car payment that never goes away and a bunch of stuff that just serves to make me feel smothered and imprisoned. Getting out from under all of this stuff is proving to be challenging but liberating and I am determined to do it no matter how long it takes. The sooner the better. I hope by sharing my journey transitioning from one lifestyle to the other it will inspire others to make changes in their lives if they feel compelled to do so. I have found that change is not always easy and that sometimes reading about the actions of others can serve as inspiration. It certainly has for me.

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