Come On In

I have been recently asked to show the interior of my little trailer and today I will give you a tour. At this writing I am camped in Chloride, AZ which is a beautiful location and an interesting village; I will do a post on this spot next time.

I moved into my trailer almost few years ago (whew! Time does fly!) and I have come to love my tiny home. It is easy to tow and easy to set up in each new location. I have observed other travelers working hard to set up their rigs while I am already set up and enjoying a cool drink outside in the sunshine.

It did take some time to get used to living in a teardrop trailer and it is not a rig to just sit in all day. That said, I have had to sit inside all day due to rain, hail, and cold weather, but I was cozy and comfortable. The best part of traveling is exploring your new surroundings and meeting new interesting people. I have been fortunate to have met many wonderful people in my travels who share the gypsy spirit and a sense of adventure.

My trailer has all the comforts of home in miniature. It has a 3-way fridge, sink, and a two-burner propane cooktop. That comprises the kitchen.

There is a wet bath with a shower and toilet. A tiny, functional bathroom.

The living space is two side seats and a twin bed in the back. The bed could be a sofa; however, I leave it made up as a bed with a mattress topper. For a table, I bring in a folding table for eating and working on my computer.

The trailer also has a radio, CD, DVD player, and a TV. There is a heating system, an air conditioner, and a Fantastic Fan. The floor is a wood grain vinyl and the cabinets are all solid wood. The windows bring in the outdoors and the curved roof creates a sense of space. It is a wonderful little trailer and I am enjoying my new life on the road. People often ask how long I will live in this tiny trailer. I answer, for as long as I can find new roads to travel and new experiences to enjoy. In other words, a long time!

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