Changes and Plans

Summer has left and fall has arrived. This is my favorite time of year and while I associate it with a cool snap in the air, the smell of wood smoke, and the falling of golden leaves, my current desert location (Camp Verde, AZ) still feels like summer. I left Chama, NM over a week ago to relocate here until November when it will be time to move on to Quartzsite, AZ for winter.

Chama is a lovely little town and well worth a stop if in the vicinity. A highlight of my time there was a ride on the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad. The train (an 1800 style train) takes passengers up into Colorado through beautiful landscapes, stops for a great lunch, and returns to Chama. It is about a 6-hour tour. I would suggest paying extra and riding in the parlor car…it is worth it!

During my summer camping, I had the opportunity to meet many lovely people and tour many different RVs. I also gave a lot of tours of my teardrop I think I averaged at least 1 tour a day! My trailer is almost always the smallest rig in any given park (including my current park) and people are attracted to it and just have to see what is inside. This summer I had the chance to see several pick-up truck campers. I spent time online and considered the switch out to such a set-up! My attraction had to do with the further simplicity of some of the campers (ones with no slides) and no towing. Before any of you say “Oh No! She can’t get rid of the teardrop!” I came to my senses (ha-ha) and decided I can’t bear to let the Jeep or Rio Chama RV Park…Lovely!

I do love setting up my campsite and having the Jeep tour around an area. Also, for Tito and Lulu, the little trailer is a perfect climate-controlled environment for them. I think all of us have a little bit of “grass is greener” syndrome when we see different rigs and set-ups. All you have to do is go to an RV show and you will be so tempted to drive away with something. I suggest placing something short of casts on both hands so you cannot sign any contracts!

I have decided to do some upgrades on my [email protected] after the winter. I thought about these before but wanted to wait and be sure of what I wanted to do. The new upgrades will include swooshes of color along the sides of the trailer that match the color of my Jeep, a change-out of the couch for a proper mattress, a new diamond plate box and rack upfront, a rack on the back, and, possibly, a switch to a 12V fridge (Engel). I plan to spend more time off-grid and utilize those great solar panels I bought last winter.

Pictures will follow as my upgrades are done. Until next time…

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