Where have we been?

Are we still traveling? Yes!! We have been super busy traveling and most places didn’t have wifi. Then things start to snowball and before you know it I have 1500 pictures to sort through and a really slow wifi connection and blogging just doesn’t sound fun anymore. But over the next few days, I will… Continue reading Where have we been?

Meet my traveling buddies, Harley and Flossie

I have two Yorkshire Terriers, Harley, and Flossie. They go everywhere with me, well almost everywhere. Wherever they are welcomed, that is. It has been quite an experience to figure out how to do this with two little dogs.Harley with squeaky toyFirst, meet Harley! He thinks he is a 200 lb. dog. Well, I am… Continue reading Meet my traveling buddies, Harley and Flossie

Shedding Stuff

I took several more boxes to Goodwill this past weekend. In the last two years, I have given away three-quarters of my stuff. Including furniture, clothing, household goods, jewelry, pet paraphernalia, Christmas decorations, etc. I am getting down to the difficult stuff to let go of. (ie: Knick knacks that have sentimental value and designer… Continue reading Shedding Stuff