Campground Notes: Escapees Raccoon Valley, Heiskell

When I first started looking at Knoxville so we could visit the Smoky Mountains, I had designs on getting a lot closer to the park for our stay. Unfortunately, since we were traveling in high season, I couldn’t find a place that had availability for a month and some of the rates were 60+ a night.

I expanded my search out some & found that there was an Escapees park in Heiskell, not too far out of Knoxville, but on the other side of the city from the park. Since we are Escapees members, the price was completely affordable.
There were some downsides to this park – it is older and the sites aren’t exactly close to level. We ended up backing in along the back row and had to pull the slides in & relevel after a week.

The internet was TengoInternet and since we were there a month, and had a good experience with it previously in other parks, we paid for the service. As often is the case with TengoInternet, some days it was fine and usable, and some days complete crap. With us both relying on Internet access for work we needed a better solution. At the end of the month, we decided to just bump up our Verizon wifi contract to cover our work usage and leave TengoInternet strictly for entertainment in the future.

The park had a small fenced dog run which Flossie appreciated, after the first week she pretty much wanted to just play ball rather than walk. There were also a few trails at the back of the property which Harley found interesting until we started with ‘yo bear’ calls – Harley doesn’t like walking when we’re scaring off the bears – so the trails remained unexplored.
The last week I had to travel for work, I needed to find someone to take care of Harley and Flossie. I found a great pet service in Kritter Komfort that visited her every day and provided us an email report, which I appreciated.
Overall the area was quiet, yet still convenient to Knoxville and a decent drive to the Smokies.

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