Campground Notes: Ainsworth Park


The Columbia River Gorge, is gorgeous. It really is breathtaking and beautiful and a sight to be seen.
However, I knew Ainsworth Park was going to be a ‘problem’. It is right on the scenic byway guaranteeing traffic noise. It was right on the rail line (and to be fair, everything along the gorge is on the rail line), and it was a state park so we were a little concerned about being level, and having connectivity.

Turns out – it was all that crap and it cemented the end of an era for us. It took us over an hour to get into our spot and get level. Correction, it took us about 10 minutes to unhook and get into the spot, and the other 50+ to get ‘level enough’ to put out the slides. We ended up being a degree off and for what was planned on a two week stay, it gets a little old to be that unleveled.

The train noise in RV and state parks have long been a battle of mine and normally I do the research to avoid being too close so I am not woken up. (I hate ear plugs and yes I have a fan for white noise) Ainsworth was still chosen given the location so I decided to chance it but, I am really not my best with little sleep.

To top it off, connectivity was the worst we had during the whole trip. While the Verizon coverage map says LTE, likely due to the gorge my coverage was spotty and really affected my ability to work – especially conference calls.

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