The End of One Adventure, the Beginning of a New One.

IMG_0016It has been quite a while since I posted on this blog and a few changes have occurred. In the spring when I last posted (April ’16) I was on my way to a summer job in Washington. I did go up there, and let’s just say the job was not quite what I had signed up for and I said, “No, Thank You!” One thing I have learned is to not accept situations that make you uncomfortable and to listen to that little voice inside saying, “Don’t do it!” Ahhh, if only my hearing had been as acute in earlier years.

So, I returned from Washington to the Oregon coast where I have remained since May. I decided that out of the many places I have experienced, this coast is my absolute favorite place to be. I had a glorious summer and a beautiful fall. In November, my friend Becky bought a house here on the coast and invited me to share it with her. I decided it was perfect timing for a base place called home. I rent the upstairs in this 100-year-old funky home, and I love it!20160118_180514

The little T@b went up for sale two weeks ago and sold on day five after ads were placed. I will miss that trailer as it has been the best of all of my trailers. However, the gypsy blood that courses through my veins will not be stilled, and it is only a matter of time before the open roads sing too loudly for me to ignore. My next adventure will most likely be a van that I turn into a camper for road trips. I have to admit that setting up and breaking down camp with the trailer was causing havoc with my shoulders and knees. I now want something that I just jump in and go!

I have admired the vandwellers’ ingenuity after attending group gatherings in the desert over the last few years. Now it is my turn to find a cool van, paint it robin’s egg blue, and make it into a sweet little road tripper.